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Ebtisam Zaki

Representing Contemporary Art

Born in Cairo in 1944,   she acquired many specialized studies from universities and centers  in oil painting, textile painting on cotton & silk, pottery, porcelain painting and different enamel techniques such as  silver wire jewelry.

Ebtisam studied art  while accompanying her husband at his diplomatic service in Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Italy. 

Ebtisam held solo and group exhibitions in these countries in addition to the Cairo Opera House, Hanager Arts Center, Ahmed Shawky Museum and the Egyptian Center for International Cooperation.  She also participated in the 2nd and the 3rd Jewelry Festival at Gezira in Cairo.

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Art Categories

 Access a photo gallery of Ebtisam's different art-work.
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Oil Painting

A collection of oil paintings that were created over a period  of 25 years.

Silk & Cotton Painting

Unique and individual creations on silk and cotton fabric - scarfs, jackets, cushions, table cloths, etc.  


An exquisite collection of hand-made sliver jewelry with semi-precious stones.


Hand-painted porcelain and ceramics.


Distinct hand-made pottery using various materials and methods. 

Dolls & Craft -work

Detailed clay sculptures designed with various  styles from around the world.